m-u-t transforms to Nynomic - strategic focus of the tec5 mother company on innovative and high-growth topics

If the re-naming of m-u-t in Nynomic, as proposed by the Management Board and Supervisory Board, is duly approved at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on 29 June 2018, the success story of the tec5 parent company will be conclusively continued. Already after its stock exchange listing in 2007 the stock corporation acquired the companies tec5, Avantes, APOS, LayTec and currently Spectral Engines, through investments and takeovers. Due to the continuous growth the m-u-t AG reached its administrative limits and spun off its operative business into m-u-t GmbH which from then on acts as a purely strategic financial holding of the subsidiaries. The increasing internationalization of the m-u-t group revealed a need for cross-lingual naming, which would also perceived as catchy and attractive by stakeholders outside the German-speaking area. Nynomic, as a clear, dynamic and modern name in combination with the new company logo and slogan "The Photonics Group", underlines the strategic orientation of the holding company on innovative and high-growth topics and takes into account the further internationalization. tec5 is well prepared and looks forward to taking the future path with the group under the "umbrella" of Nynomic.